Tuesday, May 21, 2019
    Cinema Braille is the work of Stanislav Kozadayev.     


Stanislav Kozadayev was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in1978.  His mother was a musicologist and a teacher of music theory. His father taught piano and was a concert pianist, having graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory.

Stan began his classical music education at the First Leningrad School of Music at age four, first receiving basic instruction, then studying theory and piano under his mother and father.He composed his first piece for solo piano at age six.   At ten he began studies in bassoon and the following year represented his school at the Leningrad Minor Philharmonic Hall.

Stan came to the US in 1990, when he was twelve and continued his musical education privately.It was at that time that he began to study contemporary music, drums and keyboard, later guitar and bass, and arranging and playing popular music at occasional private engagements. 

In 1994 Stan received a scholarship to spend the summer playing bassoon in the wind and symphony youth orchestras of the Lyric Chamber Ensemble.This experience proved invaluable in gaining practical insight into orchestration, which still plays a large part in his music.

In 1997 Stan spent a year abroad in Israel.Quite unlike Western music, the music of the East, with its rhythmic complexity and variety of scales and tunings left a lasting impression on his composition.

After returning to the states, Stan briefly joined a prog/fusion band, THUS for a series of performances around his home city of Detroit, promoting their debut album and for some demo recording sessions.This experience afforded him the opportunity to learn jazz composition, improvisation and recording techniques from the band-members, who were veterans of the stage and ten years his seniors.

Stan received his MS in Music Technology from the prestigious Jacobs School of Music in 2007. He has since turned entirely to studio work, composition and sound design. The diversity of musical education and experience remains the nucleus of his work.

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